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Exhibition Stand Rental

Why Hire Exhibition Stands?

Exhibition stand hire makes sense for most companies who are exhibiting on a tight budget, are new to exhibitions, exhibit infrequently or want to change the look and feel of their stand often. It also gives companies an opportunity to try before you buy with a variety of different stand formats and types including modular exhibition stands and shell scheme systems such as our popular shell wall. Exhibition stand hire certainly maximises the most from any budget, but does it make sense if you have multiple shows in a year?  We say as a rule of thumb, if you are considering outright purchase of a stand and budget is the primary reason you are hiring, the tipping point is around 3 or 4 shows a year.

Flexability and Creativity Without Compromise

Hiring an exhibition stand doesn’t compromise on the quality or what can be achieved with the visual aesthetics of the stand, long gone are the days when you could spot a hire stand from 50 paces, usually some type of panel and pole affair. Modern hire exhibition stands are indistinguishable from bought exhibition stands with the majority of the visual aspect being the print, which is generally reproduced for each show on a hire stand.

Customisation For Unique Branding

An exhibition stand hire can be made to look completely unique with a few add ons such as furniture, lighting and audio visual equipment. Print also plays a large part in the customisation of a stand with large graphic walls, graphic pylons, floor graphics and 3D lettering being most effective.

Less Fuss Less Hassle Exhibition Stand Hire

Our customers love the no hassle exhibiting that you get with exhibition stand hire. They walk on with their staff at the start of the show and they leave it at the end of the show, no bringing in equipment, just the staff and their sales brochures.

If you need help with an exhibition stand hire please call us on 01536 265823

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