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ELM Eco Banner

The ELM Eco Banner - the future in low-cost, sustainable exhibiting

We’re proud to introduce one of the world’s first Cardboard eco banners, which we’ve been working hard developing at ELM HQ for quite some time.

The ELM Eco Banner is a 100% recyclable roller banner alternative created with honeycomb cardboard – all made & assembled here in the UK. Our Eco Banner weighs just 2.6kgs, including the base & case and it can be assembled in under 45 seconds (check out the video of us putting our Directors to the test!). You’ll also be pleased to know the banner is completely foldable and can be neatly packed away into an accompanying carry case, making it more portable than other alternatives (assembled dimensions are: 2000mm x 750 mm).

We’ve designed our Eco Banner with a huge graphic area to get your message across. The shape of the banner can also be cut to create interesting shapes which can even be carried onto the design of the base. Check out our example below, which has a grass base and our logo incorporated into the shape of the cardboard cut out.  This is a 100% curbside recyclable product, which means when you no longer need it you can even put it in your green bin back at home (#ecowinner). Don’t have artwork? Don’t worry, our in-house team are here to help with your creative needs. Prices start from £59, order today >

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Call or Email to Order Now – Prices Start From £59 >

*prices are inclusive of printing costs. Do not include any artworking / design costs.

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