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12 Examples of Retail Signage We Love

Retail signage can help make or break a business, but the majority is ineffective. With so many businesses all jumping up and down, trying to grab a customers attention – it’s often a case of who can shout the loudest. As a team of designers we love signage that’s outside-the-box, so we’ve hand picked a selection of retail signage that deserves high fives all-round!

Gumtree Retail SignageGumtree Garden. The neon lights chosen here really stand out – probably because they’ve been incorporated inside a bush!

Urban Outfitters Retail SignageUrban Outfitters. Great work from the global clothing retailer on this one, this has got-to-be the most creative use of shadowing we’ve seen – although lets hope people can read backwards (or upside down) at sundown!
Ben Sherman Retail SignageBen Sherman, Flagship Store, London. The classic UK menswear brand delivering minimalist signage at its finest!

Carhartt Retail Signage Carhartt. The neon lights on top of the textured wall are a really nice contrast here.

Byron Hamburgers Retail SignageByron Hamburgers. Nice signage, great burgers – win win all-round.

Will & Co A Frame Retail Signage
Will & Co. A small A-Frame, recycled from an old apple crate. Looks great and it recycles something that’s no longer needed!

Adidas Retail SignageAdidas. Probably the most commerical brand on display here, but the modern look and the incorporation of the 3 stripes linked to store flow is impressive.

Misc Retail SignageUnknown, Good Food. We’ve got to respect anyone who can use a full bicycle as part of their retail sign. We’ve also got to respect anyone who serves good food here everyday – so it’s double high fives to you! If anyone knows who did this then let us know.

Unknown, Toilet Paper Signs.
A pretty interesting sign for the restrooms here, warning – may be a little to rough to use as actual toilet paper!

Fika Bar and Kitchen SignageFika, Bar & Kitchen. We just love how clinical and clean this signage looks. Lets hope the food here is as tasty as their signage.

Topshop Retail SignageTopshop. Retail giants going floral with this signage – it looks great.

Nike Retail SignageNike, Tech Pack. Pretty ‘tech’ signage promoting a tech product from Nike.







urban Outfitters signage

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