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5 Health & Safety Fails In The Exhibition Industry

Health & Safety” – two words that no company likes to hear but is one of the most important aspects of business. Some people take Health & Safety more seriously than others, especially in the exhibition industry.

Health & Safety is also about having common sense. If you use your common sense then chances are you won’t encounter many problems. Here’s 5 of the most common health and safety fails in the exhibition industry:

1 – Working from heights

Working from heights is one of the most common fails in Health & Safety. For instance, if you are building an exhibition stand or having to use ladders to apply vehicle graphics to a high vehicle, you need to make sure the ladder is secure. If the ladder is wobbly, take some time to adjust and make safe. Don’t do what this guy has done – he is just asking for an accident to happen!

Ladder Blog 1

2 – Blocked pathways

Blocked pathways are one way to cause a disaster. Many organisations will have trouble evacuating the building during a fire drill or actual fire. Blocked pathways can be the difference between life and death. Make sure all pathways are clear at all times so you can escape via the nearest fire exit – the next exit may either save your life or cause injury!

Fire exit

3 – Manual Handling

Manual handling is another common fail in the Health & Safety industry. You can injure yourself carrying something that may not be heavy but because you have lifted it incorrectly. Many people just pick up an object without thinking “Can I actually manage this on my own?”. Sometimes, it is easier to ask for help. Going on a manual handling training course may save you a back injury!

Manual handling

4 – First aiders/first aid kits

Many people may think that first aid is not an epic fail, but it can be. There have been many cases when first aid has been needed but when treatment is sought out, the first aid kit is missing or inadequately stocked. Make sure the first aid kit is fully stocked! You never know it might save your life!

First Aid Blog

5 – Slips and trips

Slips and trips are the ultimate epic fail in Health & Safety. Many people have caused themselves harm all because someone hasn’t had the common sense to keep pathways clear or mop up after they have spilt something. Putting up warning signs and cleaning up after yourself is the best way to prevent someone from harming themselves, and more importantly, a tidy environment is a happy environment!

Slips and trips

So there you have it, the most common fails in the exhibition industry! If you don’t want to be apart or cause an accident, help prevent one and become more Health & Safety aware – and always remember to use your common sense!

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