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“5 Minutes with…” Jacqui – Exhibition Logistics Planner

Being the only female in the company, Jacqui has to put up with a lot. As well as all incoming calls, enquiries & most of our exhibition logistics, she deals with all of the lads and I can imagine how difficult that can be sometimes, but in the 3 years she’s been with us it seems nothing phases her anymore!

Tell us about yourself
I am definitely one of a kind and I take each day as it comes. I’m nice and get on with everyone.  I love to listen to music (especially Celine Dion) and I also enjoy drawing, going to the gym and swimming.

What do you do at ELM?
All of the Admin, HR, Health & Safety, incoming phone calls & enquiries. I sort out our contract with the NHS Breast screening units and also deal with the exhibition logistics and outdoor event logistics.

What’s it like working for ELM?
It’s a laugh every day, it’s a relaxed but professional environment. Everyone gets on and the moral is excellent. I also don’t get shocked by any of the lad’s jokes anymore.

What’s your favorite job you’ve worked on?
I enjoy dealing with the breast screening trailer logistics as its different from my normal day to day things. I also enjoy going into the workshop as the lads have such a laugh.

What’s the hardest job you had to do?
Sorting the outdoor event logistics as there is so much to do and it has to be perfect otherwise it can go seriously wrong.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you at ELM?
All of the pranks the lads play on each other – there is not one I can pick as they are all hilarious.

What are you most known for?
The most innocent person in the company

Tea or Coffee?

Any nicknames at ELM?
Jacqui love, Jac

If you had to be stranded on an island with a colleague who would it be and why?
Sue – she is sensible and I don’t think I could handle being with any of the lads

What’s your favourite tool at work?
I love watching the Zund, it’s a print cut machine in the print studio, so impressive in what it can do

Any final words, quotes to go out on?
The Show Must Go On

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