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A Beginners Guide to Large Format Print for Exhibition, Point of Sale, Signage and Vehicle Graphics

Most large visual displays for exhibition, point of sale or signage have an element of large format print. If your not familiar with the industry it can seem like a bit of a dark art, so we compiled this handy blog post to help explain – what is large format print and the process involved in producing large format graphics.

Artwork Large Format Print


Graphic design is usually the starting point for most display projects, large format graphics are only as good as the design so its wise to invest some time and energy coming up with a clear brief for your display project. It should outline all your key objectives and expectations for the project. You should include what your organisation does, its history, who your target market is, who are your competitors, whats your competitive advantage and main points of differentiation. You should also be clear about your goals, key messages and why you need their services. We think honesty is always the best policy so be up front about your budget, this will save any awkward conversations further down the line. Lastly make sure everyone involved understands the timescales, its sometimes advisable to draw a simple project timeline with all the key dates. 

Large Format Print

Large Format Print

Once you have approved the graphic artwork its time to print. The high resolution artwork will usually be set at a percentage size of the actual size required. The artwork will be rechecked to make sure it meets the print guidelines and then ripped to the large format printer. The rip is a process used in printing which produces a raster image also known as bitmap. The bitmap is used to produce the final printed output. Once the artwork is ripped the printer will print the image onto the chosen media, this can vary depending on the application and printer but includes vinyl, banner, foam board and aluminium composite board. 

Large Format Print Finishing


Once the media has been printed, it will need finishing either by hand or on a digital cutter (like our Zund G3). This will read a cut file on the graphic and either route, cut or punch a path around the print, its capable of cutting and trimming all kinds of interesting shapes from basic to very ornate. 

We have a video on our Youtube channel showcasing our eco banner where you can see large format print and finish in operation 

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