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Two brothers running the same business?
What could possibly go wrong?

Well so far not much (unless you count the regular Friday evening whose-round-is-it-debate).

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If you’d like to join a forward-looking company offering great working conditions please send your CV to careers@elmuk.com and tell us what you think you can bring to Elm.

Help and advice on sustainability

When we started on our sustainable journey none of our competitors were considering the importance of the environment. Since then we’ve exhaustively researched and sourced alternative materials that are greener and perform as well if not better than the usual suspects while remaining cost-effective.

We've also built up an in-depth knowledge of environmentally-friendly processes and techniques that are particularly relevant to the display industry. We can share this expertise by:

  • Advising on the environmental impact of the materials you or your contractors are using.

  • Recommending sustainable materials and processes.

  • Showing you why a sustainable approach to displays and print doesn’t mean increasing your costs.

For free advice on putting sustainability at the heart of your business. Get in touch

In the meantime make sure you read our blog to learn more about the latest green developments in the exhibition and display industry.

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