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Best Apps to Collect Leads at Exhibitions

Exhibition Stand Lead Capture Apps

For many exhibitors, trade shows can be the biggest source of lead generation throughout the year – so it’s important you have the right tools available to get new leads. Gone are the days of  pen & paper options as they’re too inefficient, nowadays exhibitors are taking advantage of tablets and mobile devices, using these to replace the old clipboards you would have used previously. The market is flooded with lead capture apps and there’s a lot to choose from. They can not only simplify the process of collecting leads but also offer additional features to help you attract even more. Here’s some of the lead capture apps we’d recommend using:


iCapture claims to turn your iPad or mobile into a lead generation magnet. iCapture allows you to create a data capture form or questionnaire with ease. Once created, customers details can be entered into the system which will be sync’d with the iCapture back office, where all the leads are stored. It integrates with loads of profressional tools such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, Constant Contact and it offers other great features such as trade show badge scanning, to help you get even more leads. Prices start from around £6 to £32 for usage up to 3 devices, find out more here.


Zuant allows you to capture leads on a mobile anytime, anywhere. It’s very customisable, so may be better suited to larger companies who need something flexible. It also integrates with various other platforms – although not quite as many as iCapture can. Other great features include badge printing, live reporting, business card capture, offline access, plus more. Priced at roughly £240 per month for up to five devices it’s certainly not cheap, but the additional features may make it suitable for your business.


Compatible on both Android and iPads, QuickTapSurvey is another alternative lead capture app to use at your next event. QuickTapSurvey can be automatically integrated with other systems, so a visitor enters their details and it’s directly added to your CRM – straight for your marketing team to utilise. It also has other interesting features, such as instant giveaways to attract new visitors. Prices start from $19 per month, so it’s a cost-effective option to consider.


Akkroo is the daddy of data capture apps, who can boast an impressive client list ranging from Liverpool football club, IBM & Ikea. Akroo is highly customisable and fully ‘brandable’, so you can add your own imagery and branding to your forms. It has a drag & drop  editor that allows you to create capture forms in minutes and provides a wealth of other benefits, such as  auto-responders for SMS / email, voucher code distribution and more. As you’d expect, it’s fully integratable with a host of CRM & marketing tools and pricing starts at £249 per month. 

It’s worth noting that there are free alternatives out there, such as iLead, but the features are really limited and don’t really compare to any of the above. We’d recommend choosing the above lead capture apps instead because you’ll want something you can trust to deliver.

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