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Custom Exhibition Stands – Why are they so effective?




Choosing a custom exhibition stand design can be an extremely effective way of marketing your brand or business. One of the trickiest things to achieve is to simply get noticed at an event or exhibition and going custom gives you a greater chance of getting over this crucial hurdle. So why are custom exhibition stands more effective and why should you be considering a custom exhibition stand?

Put simply, they’re unique. Exhibitions can be environments where whoever shouts the loudest wins, you need whatever competitive advantage you can get! In this case, opting for a custom exhibition stand that’s completely unique and like no other can be the answer to success. Appearing different will massively help you attract new customers.

From an attendees perspective, they’re used to seeing the same exhibition stand designs over & over again. When they see your bespoke exhibition stand, with all bells and whistles they’re going to stand up and take notice! With such a big emphasis on design, it’s crucial you chose an exhibition stand designer that has the creativity & experience to deliver. We have an in-house team of designers who have created award winning custom exhibition stands, our recent ASDA stand was chosen as “best stand” at a show – beating the likes of M&S, Lidl & more.

Another key benefit of choosing a bespoke exhibition stand design is that it’s specifically designed for your needs. This doesn’t just relate to attracting new customers, and can help with other things like logisitcs & storage. For example, we can design your stand so it can be dis-assembled and easily fits into your storage space based on the specifications you provide. We could also design the stand so it can be transported easily with the vehicles you have. We do offer management & logistics services to take the weight of exhibiting off your shoulders too.

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