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Exhibition Stand Ideas – Key Attractions

Coming up with Exhibition Stand Ideas, it can be a tedious job. It is difficult to know how to design it in a way that attracts people to your stand.

I can guarantee you that you will be asking yourself many questions such as ‘what element of a stand attracts an audience?’ or ‘is there any way that I can make my stand stick out?’

Listed below are some ideas on how you can draw people onto your exhibition stand so that they could potentially become new customers.

Having drinks and snacks on your stand is always a good shout! It is a good idea to have a nice beverage/snack whilst you are talking to a potential new customer.It provides a calm atmosphere and it will help you get to know members of the public in a business environment. It also gives the member of public a drink to replenish their thirst and a place there they can rest their feet for five minutes after walking around that they have done.


When it comes to designing  an exhibition stand, you might want to consider some form of technology on your stand whether it be a TV or an iPad for demonstration or a laptop. Having something interactive on your stand can help boost your company profile as you can have presentations running the background promoting your products and it could also help your social media profile. People nowadays prefer to use technology instead of going old school. It also would help improve the attention span of some people as they would find the company more interesting.


Admit it – you are one of a thousand people that just LOVE a free sample or a good bag! Giving away freebies on your stand is always a great idea because it is a way of promoting your products and getting your company name around. Someone could enquire where someone else got that free sample from and they will say your company!


As long as your sensible about what type of competition that you want to run, this can draw in many people to your stand. The idea of a competition is to have as many people come onto your stand to explore but to also have fun! It is also another way to promote your product and get the word around.


Customer Service
Having friendly and polite staff with good customer service is a must have if you want to draw people onto your exhibition stand. When promoting your product or services, it is vital to have staff that are knowledgeable about the product/service and staff that have a happy and positive vibe as this will make a good impression for your company. If you have rude and unhappy staff on your stand, it will put members of the public off coming onto your stand. It will also give your company a bad first impression.


Resting Area
A resting area is a pretty popular aspect nowadays at exhibitions. Many members of the public would love to have a sit down to rest their feet after walking around the exhibition. It is also a good place for people to charge any phones/laptops or to check their emails out of the way of the public or any company trying to draw you into their stand. Having a seating area can leave a powerful message that sometimes a bit of space may go a long way.


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