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Exhibition Stand Design and Build

You know the exhibition’s that you need to attend for getting those all important sales leads, next step choosing an exhibition stand design and build company that will deliver a show stopping stand. We’ve put together a handy guide for getting the most out of your next exhibition.

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Exhibition Stand Design and Build

Their are a number of options when it comes to exhibition design and build.

Design or Creative Agency: You may already work with a design or creative agency that know your company ethos, brand and hold all the marketing collateral. An agency should be able to pull together a fairly polished design from initial stand drawings and material specifications to graphic design. A good agency will also be able to offer a project management service to help coordinate the stand bookings, build, logistics and work in conjunction with your chosen exhibition stand builders. The agency may also be able to offer advice or recommend stand builders they have worked with before.

Pros: Good agencies excel with design and creativity briefs and should be able to do a really polished job

Cons: Can be expensive if you are on a budget

Exhibition Stand Companies: Most exhibition stand building companies will have an exhibition stand design service and some are even free of charge with the prospect of a tasty exhibition stand manufacture and build. A good stand builder will be able to give impartial advice on the type of stand you need, whether its modular or custom (for more information on modular and custom exhibition stands read our blog post modular vs custom) and if its best to hire or buy. Larger exhibition companies should be able to offer a number of services under one roof including design, build, logistics, graphic design and large format print. 

Pros: Should do the nuts and bolts of the stand really well including all the other other services such as logistics and large format print.

Cons: Depending on the type of exhibition stand design and build company you employ they may only be able to offer certain types of stands i.e. custom or modular and smaller companies may need to outsource some of the services they offer.

DIY: Depending on the size of the exhibition stand you may be able to design and build it yourself. Small space only stands and shell scheme stands are relatively straightforward with a limited amount of space.  Their are lots of open source CAD packages available, I have one client who still designs the product display part of their large stand on OpenOffice Draw because its easy to use and gives him peace of mind that all his products will fit onto the stand space. Again DIY builds are within the grasp of anyone with a small amount of practical ability, you can hire or buy display walling, portable display equipment and event furniture at relatively low cost. If its a one off event look at hiring equipment, if its a series of events you’ll be doing, consider outright purchase as it will be more cost effective in the long run.

Pros: Extremely cost effective if you’re doing everything yourself. 

Cons: Can look unprofessional if you don’t get it right.

In an ideal world you can pick and choose the service level which is right for you. For example you may get a creative agency to do the graphic design, an exhibition stand company to design and manufacture but operate and build the stand yourself. 

If you need any help with exhibition stand design and build please call 01536 265823

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