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Exhibition Stands on a Tight Budget

Exhibition Stands on a Tight Budget

With exhibition budgets needing to stretch further for corporates and big spending for SME’s out of the question, we look at how to get the most bang for your buck at your next exhibition, with our top tips for exhibition stands on a tight budget.


When your trying to do exhibition stands on a tight budget, hotels are a major expense when putting up a team of exhibition staff. Book early to get the best deals as prices are often sky high just before the event with an influx of exhibitors and attendees. Think about staying slightly further out than usual, five or ten miles can make a huge difference in cost.  Consider self catering serviced apartments as they sleep three or four times that of a hotel room.

Size Doesn’t Matter

The last thing you want to come over as is cheap so much better to downsize the space and put together a quality exhibition stand. We give the same advice to clients over and over, better to have a smaller quality offering than a huge space filled with an inferior exhibition stand, your first impression to potential prospects doesnt want to be ‘we did it on the cheap’. If your budget won’t stretch to custom then use a modular exhibition stand, if you normally go with modular, think about shell scheme. 

Book Your Exhibition Stand Space Early

Start the planning early and secure your stand space, not only will this guarantee the best position for your budget in the exhibition hall but will usually allow you to book the services such as rigging, electrics, plumbing and carpet etc at a discount. Read our blog post on booking exhibition stand space for a more in depth guide.

Book Your Exhibition Stand Early

Hire your exhibition stand builders early. You’ll probably get a better stand as the design process can run its natural course and you won’t incur any late surcharges that some exhibition stand builders impose. Last minute changes are costly so estimates can be scrutinised more closely and signed off in good time. 

Consider DIY for a Small Exhibition Stand

If your stand space is small think about a DIY build. Consider a modular exhibition stand that is simple to transport, put together, break down and store.  You could potentially save thousands of pounds with a self build stand especially if you exhibit at a number of exhibitions through the year. 

Artwork and Exhibition Stand Graphics

Ask your exhibition graphics to be designed so they can be reused both in terms of both artwork and printed graphics. Different look and feel can be achieved by changing design on set panels without re-artworking the whole exhibition stand. Again make sure the print media is durable, laminated if necessary and well packaged to protect from knocks and scuffs. Last minute reprints can be expensive. Read our blog post on exhibition graphics for a more in depth guide.

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