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Modular Exhibition Stands vs Custom Exhibition Stands: What’s Best for Me?

A lot of people ask us what the difference is between modular exhibition stands and custom-built exhibition stands. To help understand what’s the best option for you, we’ve put the following guide together: 

Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular exhibition stands are built using connectors, aluminum frames and interchangeable graphics. We tend to compare them to something like Lego or K’NEX as they can be re-built and adapted to suit your needs. They are built for reconstruction, meaning you can assemble and dissemble easily, they’re also generally lightweight making them easy to transfer between different events.

The disadvantage of choosing modular exhibition stands, they don’t offer you total flexibility, meaning you’re confined to a design which the system will allow. Some finished modular systems can also look quite similar to others, which isn’t ideal when the company exhibiting next to you is sporting the same stand. Because of this, they can be less eye-catching and impactful, this is why it’s crucial that you employ the right design team to help make the most from your modular exhibition stand.

Best for: Smaller companies, looking to exhibit at several different events each year and need the flexibility of changing the design and structure.  

Custom Exhibition Stands 

Custom exhibition stands are bespoke and purpose-built to meet your needs. In terms of design, they provide total flexibility which can help you create the biggest impact. When getting noticed is important, custom is the way to go! In an environment like a busy exhibition when competition is fierce, something that’s eye-catching and distinct can go a long way.
Custom exhibition stands can be more expensive and sometimes the stands are disposed of after a single use, making them bad for the environment. Fortunately, all of our custom stands are created with recyclable and reusable materials and the waste never ends up in landfill. If you’re exhibiting in various different sized spaces, custom exhibition stands can also be difficult to adapt too – so this should be a consideration.  
Best for: Creating an impact and standing-out. Custom stands are totally flexible in design so you can make something that’s truly unique and certain to grab peoples attention.

Hybrid Custom/Modular Exhibition Stands

One way you can get the best of both worlds is by combining both modular exhibition stands and custom exhibition stands. This gives you the flexibility to use the stand in multiple different settings & events whilst being eye-catching. Get in touch with us today and let us know your requirements and we’ll advise which solution is best for you.



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