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We Helped Raise £135,000 for Tickled Pink

Last weekend we took part in the Avalanche Endurance time trial event at Elan Valley, to raise money for Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Campaign through Tickled Pink.

We met the night before at the Elan Valley Hotel for a pre race briefing and a couple of pints of Guinness. After a few hours in the hotel bar we were optimistic about our chances, the teams were of mixed ability with some fitter than others (we were definately the others).

Tickled Pink Charity Endurance Challenge

The event started early Saturday morning with a 7 mile fell run, climbing through tough terrain and navigating to set check points. After this came the canoe with a hybrid of two boats precariously strapped together followed by an aerial challenge.

Tickled Pink Charity Endurance Challenge 2

Next came a 20 mile cycle which included a steep 4 mile hill and an encounter with an angry bull half way down the other side (thankfully bikes are faster than bull’s). The bike trial finished with a climb to the top of Claerwen Dam where we ran a log 800metres and carried a coal sack for 100metres.

In the end we placed a very un-respectable 24th but a good time was had by all and along with 30 other teams we helped raise £135,000 for the charities involved.

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