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Choosing an Exhibition Stand Local or National

Choosing an exhibition stand local or national is the question many exhibitors ask quite frequently. Shall I stay in Northants for example or shall I look further afield to find a contractor nearer the venue? Most exhibitors want the best stand design, build and service within their budget but from clients we talk to, the concensus is fairly split.

We have listed the some key deciders below to help you make up your mind.

Exhibition Stand Choice

Locally in Northants we have a decent exhibition industry and good choice of portable, modular and custom exhibition stand suppliers however some counties will have very little, making it difficult to source local. This ones definitely a geographic lottery. 


When you look nationally the competition between exhibition stand builders is higher and as a result the prices are keener. However as is sometimes the case, cheapest isn’t always best, do your research on the company and ideally obtain references.


With super fast fibre becoming commonplace and communication technology such as video calling, email and cloud collaborative software getting better all the time its difficult to argue that local is best, as technology allows the breakdown of geographic borders. However their is still something to be said for face to face meetings, in our experience clients still like to meet face to face when discussing important exhibition stand details or signing off on key milestones, that said the UK has great transport links and most towns and cities are within easy travel distance. 


Common sense would say that local is more convenient, being in the local area has the benefit of potential regular site meetings to check on the progress of your exhibition stand and make any final tweaks. However as discussed above with great transport links people think less and less about travelling a few hundred miles, especially if you can use public transport and work as you go. 


This one could go either way as communicating by phone, email and video conference is definitely greener than than even local travel, although as previously discussed face to face meetings will probably happen fairly regularly through the exhibition stand project, especially on a large stand. 

 So, if you are looking for an exhibition company that gives great service, price and puts the environment at the heart of everything it does,  contact us on 01536 265823 and we will be happy to help you!

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