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5 Exhibition Stands That Engage Children

Exhibitions are usually for business purposes so why are children so fascinated and engaged with exhibition stands?

Is it the way the exhibition stand looks? Is it the way the exhibition stand is built? Or is it what is inside the exhibition stand?

Listed below are 5 exhibition stands that children love and why they love them!


1. Children are attracted to this exhibition stand because of the bright colours and the fact that there is seating and technology – two things that all kids love! Children can sit down and play with the technology whilst their parents sort out the business side of things. This way, parents won’t have to worry about their children disappearing or causing trouble. Another reason why this exhibition stand engages children is that the design is child friendly. This then draws the children to the stand to get interactive.


2. This exhibition stand is pretty unique and children will love it! Dancing with brightly coloured shadows – why wouldn’t children want to do this? Not only does the stand offer the fun element, but it also encourages children to become active and healthy. If there are many children on the exhibition stand, it could also teach children to get along with each other. The stand itself looks pretty and effective which will draw people in – sometimes less is more!


3. A one of a kind exhibition stand! This stand is amazing and not only can children have fun, but they can also interact and learn some new facts about the jungle environment and animals. Children will be drawn into this exhibition stand due to the fact that they would want to be able to explore the jungle in an unusual way. Having a small change of entertainment and routine can help children become more sociable, especially as they grow older.


4. This exhibition stand is fun and active for all children. Children can learn to be sociable and learn to get along with one another. The exhibition stand engages the child to come and have a go at the exciting activity … it is also good as a distraction for the children whilst parents to deal with the adult side of things.


5. The ASDA exhibition stand and children’s activity farm has everything that children would want to do from racing ducks to milking cows to planting your own seed and even digging for gold. This stand is full of fun and children will want to keep coming back for more. This exhibition stand allows children to learn new skills and facts with the many different activities that it offers.

There you go, 5 exhibition stands that engage children. If you fancy any of these ideas incorporated into your stand, please contact us on 01536 265823 for more information.


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