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“5 Minutes with…” Ryan – Exhibition Stand Master Builder

Ryan came to ELM when he was just 17 and has been here for 7 years now. He started with learning the ropes, went through a cabinetry making course and now he runs the workshop. From building exhibition stands, vehicle wrapping and fitting the kitchen sink, he can do it all – some would call it a ‘jack of all trades’. Ryan builds most of our custom exhibition stands here at ELM and his eye to detail is outstanding!

Tell us about yourself
I’m easy going, don’t take much too seriously but like to be professional. I always like having a good time and I enjoy a challenge. My hobbies include motocross & going to the gym.

What do you do at ELM?
The easier question is what I don’t do.
I’m the workshop supervisor so I look after all of the lads and their needs. I’m a qualified cabinet maker but I also weld, vinyl application & pretty much anything else that needs doing, I can do it.

What’s it like working for ELM?
It’s great. Every day is different, in the 7 years I’ve been here no 2 days have been the same. There’s a great atmosphere, great characters, we all have a laugh and a joke but it is always a professional environment.

What’s your favorite job you’ve worked on?
It’s got to be doing the decking on the ASDA outdoor event stand, I’ve always enjoyed it especially when the suns out. When it’s done you can look back and really see what you have achieved.
I also enjoy building custom exhibition stands that test our engineering and woodwork skills.

Exhibition Stand Deck

What’s the hardest job you had to do?
ASDA project, market place in Dublin. We clocked in a 108 Hour week and just managed to finish before the deadline.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you at ELM?
One night we were on our way to do a night install at a store. Unbeknown to us, one of the lads in the van had texted in to the radio station we were listening to (Some grime station) and in the next 5 minutes we got a shout out (you can imagine what it sounded like). It really set us up for the night ahead.

Another hilarious time was when we were in Harrogate doing the ASDA stand a guy was making a video of the build-up and the show, he asked if he could film us doing the decking which wasn’t an issue to us, the only problem was it was a really hot day so we had no tops on and we had slapped a LOT of sun oil on that morning to get a good tan, so the guy got a video of us all oiled up building the ASDA stand.

Exhibition Stand Build

What are you most known for?
Always getting the job done to a high standard

Tea or Coffee?
Tea please mate

Any nicknames at ELM?
Johnny Razmus, Donald trump or Bruce Forsyth’s love child.

If you had to be stranded on an island with a colleague who would it be and why?
Jordy, he would see the funny side even in a bad situation, would probably end up annoying me though.

What’s your favorite tool at work?
I like the welder, gives me satisfaction getting a nice weld. I don’t like anyone touching my welder.

Any final words, quotes to go out on?
If your gonna screw something up, at least do it in style!

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