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What is Client Exhibition and Event Management Support?

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Having just returned from a client who we provide a full event management support service to, I thought it might be interesting to share our experiences in this area and discuss what it is and what the benefits are.

In the case of the client mentioned above full event management support includes:

Event management support is not to be confused with event management, which is organising a full event or exhibition. Event management support in this context relates to an individual client, organising a single or series of event stands or exhibition stands with all or some of the services listed above. Our clients who choose to have this level of service do so to relieve the pressure from organising event and exhibition stands and everything that comes with it. This allows our clients to focus on winning new business and us to organise and project manage a successful exhibition or event.

In fact some of our clients have such a high level of trust in us, they don’t turn up to their exhibition or event stand until the morning of the big day! They know the exhibition stand or event stand will be on point to the highest standard, without having the hassle of organising and setting up the displays and staffing etc.

If you need help or advice with event management support please call our team on 01536 265823 

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