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5 Handy tips on booking an event space

When it comes to booking an event space, you could find yourself in a bit of a fluster and make simple errors.

If you follow these handy tips on booking an exhibition, the process will be a lot simpler and stress free!

1 – Always register and book in advance
Registering and booking well in advance for your space is always a good thing to bear in mind when booking. It gives you time to prepare everything that will be needed and allows you to double check and triple check that what you have done is 100% accurate so you won’t be making simple errors that could be costly!

2 – Have a to-do list
Once you have booked your exhibition, sit down and write a to-do list of everything that needs to be done. This way you are sure that nothing is going to missed and it will be easier to distribute work to your colleagues without having to think what has been done and what still needs to be done.

3 – Research exhibition stand builders
Designing the right exhibition stand can be a massive headache but if you put some research into finding the right exhibition builders then they can take the headache away. Certain exhibition companies do more than just the build itself.

Take a peek at our services as an example of what we could offer – we can offer you the full package from design to storage!

4 – Always double-check and make copies
This is may sound a bit silly and can be a bit of a pain but its better to be safe than sorry.  As you fill in the relevant documentation, double and triple check that you have filled in the information accurately so all mistakes can be avoided! Once you are happy with everything, make a physical and digital copy. You will be thankful for doing this in a worst case scenario. Paper copies are also sometimes easier to access if you have problems in the exhibition hall, from experience data connections can be hit and miss.

5- Confirmation
Once you have submitted all the information to the relevant people, make sure that you receive confirmation from all suppliers or event team! This way, when you turn up to the exhibition hall to set up, you won’t have to fork out a fortune because they never received your information/documents!

For a few more handy tips, look at our previous blog post.

When booking for the event space – just remember to follow these handy tips and stay calm!

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